Take this all of you

Take this, all of you, eat of this my flesh.
Take, this is my blood, shed for sinners all.
For my life I give and my love I share:
Trust and believe in me.

1. Truly I say, my brethren:
Should you not drink my blood,
Should you not eat my body,
You have no life in you.

2. Work for the food that’s lasting,
Work not for food that spoils,
Work for the bread from heaven,
And gain eternal life.

3. I am the resurrection,
I am the bread of life.
One Who has faith enduring,
Will live for ever.

Jesus Christ living in us

Jesus Christ, living in us,
You are our gladness for ever.

1. You are the Truth, the Light, alleluia!
Now, as it was, for all the ages to come, alleluia!

2. You are the Life, O Christ, alleluia!
One Who abides in you, for ever shall live,

3. You are the Word of God, alleluia!
Who has revealed the Father’s love to the
world, alleluia!

4. You are the Saviour, Lord, alleluia!
Into this world you came to save
what was lost, alleluia!

5. Then at the end of time, alleluia!
You will return, for ever bringing us joy, alleluia!

6. Praise be to you, O Christ, alleluia!
Praise to the Father. Son and Spirit divine, alleluia!