Glory to the Father

Glory to the Father, sing glory to the Son
Glory to the Spirit, Glory, Glory everyone
Glory on the earth, He made it;
Glory up above, Glory, glory everybody,
We have seen a Father’s love.

1. Give thanks to the Lord; for it is good;
And make music for our God on high
For he guides us everyday and He watches thro’
Let us praise Him, as we sing together Holy God of light.

2. Your works O Lord, have made us glad
For a Father’s help we shout to you in joy;
O how great are your deeds you have worked upon the land
But the foolish man will never see them He can’t understand.

Glory to God on high

Glory to God on high, peace to all good wills.
Honour and praise Him all of our days
And love Him in all mankind.

1. Sing out praise to God
For his wondrous deeds,
Know for sure that in his love,
He answers all our needs.

2. Praise the Lord in prayer
Praise the Lord in song,
Praise the Lord in all we do,
And we can’t go far wrong.

3. Seek and you will find;
Ask and he will give,
Trust the Lord with all your might,
And then we’ll always live.

4. To the Father now give praise,
And praise be to the Son,
And by his Spirit’s love in us
We know that God is one.