Ask and you will receive

Ask and you will receive, seek and you will find. Knock and the door will be opened
For the love of the Lord has no end.

1. Is there any one here, when his son asks for bread,
Would turn him away with a stone instead?
Is there any one here when his child asks for meat,
Would then give him a poisonous snake to eat?

2. So then how could your Father in heaven above,
Who knows so much more of the ways of love, So then how could your Father refuse what is good,
When you ask in the name of the Son he loves?

3. So whatever you ask you will always receive, Whatever you seek you will always find.
For my Father will give to all those who believe In the Spirit of love that will never end.

Abba Father let us be yours

Abba, Father, let us be yours and yours alone. Set our hearts, our spirits free.
Make us, Lord, your own.

1. Through your goodness, Lord, we bring Bread of our labour and wine to cheer the heart
Which Will soon be filled for us
With the life of your Son.

2. Take this drop of water, too,
Sign of our weakness, yet symbol of our love. By its mingling may we share
Your divinity.

3. Please, accept our sacrifice
Offered to honour the glory of your name. Sinners all, we bring to you
Humble, contrite hearts.

4. From the rising of the sun
Unto its setting, how great is your name.
All the nations bring you, Lord,
Fragrant sacrifice.