Hand in hand with Christ

Hand in hand with Christ, our Brother,
His love we’ll show:
We will rise and leave the house of God,
To all we’ll go..

1. Grant, O Lord, that we may journey
On the way that was your own,
For our neighbours ever caring
In the way you’ve shown.

2. Let all petty strife be banished,
Teach us all the way of peace
So that, living as companions,
All our fears may cease.

3. With the fire of love now burning,
By the power of God made strong,
Give us, Lord, to spread your message
And proclaim your truth.

I now no longer live

I now no longer live; Christ, my Lord,
lives in me.
Christ: for ever my joy. I must walk
in his love.

1. Christ in my mind, (in) my life, (in) my heart. Christ to the world with joy I must bring.

2. Christ on my right, (on) my left, (all) around.

3. Christ is my way, (and) my peace, (and) my light.

4. Christ is my rock, (and) my shield, (and) my strength.

5. Christ is my Lord, (and) my God (and) my all